Birthday: 02-10-1938
Age: 80
Star sign: Scorpio

Rex Taylor Reed is an American actor, writer, and film critic. He was born on 2nd October 1938 at Fort Worth of Texas in the United States of zodiac sign Libra. He is one of the famous film critics in the history of America. Formerly Rex was a co-host in the American Syndicated T.V Show named as “At the Movies.” In his acting career, he debuted in the movie “Myra Breckinridge” as Myron, in 1970.He has also featured in a T.V. Show named as “The Gong Show” in late 70’s. His book, “Do You Sleep in Nude” was the best-selling book of late 70’s.

Currently, he is writing for “The New York Observer” as a columnist for “On the Town with Rex Reed.” Rex was also a jury member of the Berlin International Film Festival in 1971. Rex was brought up in Louisiana. His father, James Reed,was the supervisor of an oil company.His mother’s name was Jewel Reed. He graduated with a degree in journalism in 1960 from the State University of Louisiana. Now he lives in Dakota, New York. His residence is one of the most exclusive and expensive buildings of Manhattan. The movie “John Lennon” was pictured in his house.

He is in good terms with the gossip columnist Liz Smith. He spends his weekend at the Litchfield country town in Roxbury, where Richard Withmark, Arthur Miller, Alexander Calder, and Walter Matthau are in the neighbourhood Rex has written eight books among which four of them are the profile of celebrities. They are “Do You Sleep in the Nude,” “Valentines and Vitrol,” “Conversation in the Raw,” and “People are Crazy Here.” His other books are “Personal Effects,” “Rex Reed’s Guide to Movies on T.V. and Video,” etc.In a documentary film of 2009 named as “For the Love of Movies: The Story of American Film Criticism,” he has explained about the importance of the film critics of 1970’s. About his acting, Rex has acted in the movies like “Super-Man” in 1978, “Inchon” in 1981, and “Irreconcilable Differences” in 1984.

He has also given his voice as a guest in the animated serial named as “The Critic.” But acting was not his cup of tea. So he involved himself in criticism, and now Rex Reed is the name of most daring critic ever. As a critic, Rex never hesitates to pen anything while reviewing, whether it may be a film or an actress. His name comes in the list of world’s top most controversial film critics. For the movie “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” in 1974, he penned it as the most disturbing film he has ever seen.

He reviewed “Spider-Man 3” of 2001 as stupid and bloated, and the movie has no worth to review at all. For the film “ Identity Thief” of 2012, he criticized the movie actress Melissa McCarthy on her physic with several offensive words such as Tractor sized, Hippo, Obese, humongous, etc. That was the most controversial criticism from him. Another worst review of Rex was, for the movie “ The Cabin in the Woods” of 2012. He wrote about the cinema without watching it till the end. This writing of Rexlet others doubt on his professionalism and accuracy as a critic.

Another controversy about him is he has theft CDs from a shop and was arrested also. It is true that films will release, actors will come and go, but Rex will remain as the most wanted critic ever. As he is active on the internet and most of his writings are publishing, he is a member of two social groups such as “New Work Film Critics Online,” and “New York Film Critics Online.” Since decades, he is writing for the New York Observers which is continuing till date. In late 60’s and the whole of the 70’s he was the most well-paid and most demanded writer for the profiles of the celebrities and will be in demand as always.