Birthday: 05-08
Star sign:

Sammi Rotibi, born on 5th August, is originally from Lagos, Nigeria, who currently lives in Los Angeles, California. He was born and raised in Lagos. Rotibi was inspired to pursue acting as his career when he performed first in a play called ‘Jonin.’ A casting agent, who was one of the customers at the bank Rotibi worked in, discovered his ability to act. He performed a role in the last episode of ‘Miami Vice’. He also went to Ivana Chubbuck Studio, Inc. to enhance his acting skills. His famous performances include - movies like ‘ Django Unchained’ (Sony Pictures - 2012) directed by Quentin Tarantino, where he played the role of Rodney; ‘Lord of War’ by Andrew Niccol, where he played the role of Andre Baptiste Jr. alongside Nicholas Cage (Lionsgate films - 2005); and ‘Tears of the Sun’ (Sony Pictures - 2003) by Antoine Fuque, where he played the role of Arthur Azuka. In an interview, Rotibi shares how he was on crutches when he went for the audition for ‘Django Unchained’. However, the director couldn’t overlook the natural ability, and he gave Rotibi a chance. His other movies also include ‘Extramarital’ in 1998 – directed by Yael Russcol, ‘Yellow’ in 2006 – directed by Alfred Rodriguez de Villa, ‘ Blue’ in 2009, and Area Boyz Entertainment’s ‘CIS Las Gidi’ in 2011.

He bagged roles in ‘40-life’ directed by JP Epstein (2011) and ‘ LUV’ directed by Sheldon Candis (2012). In 2012, he played the role of Jason in a French-American Psychological movie called ‘Maniac’ directed by Franck Khalfoun. His other performances include his role in ‘Dirty Laundry’ directed by Phil Joanou (2012), Glass Rock Entertainment Hatchet Films’ ‘Cru’ where he played Adisa Ewansiha (directed by Alton Glass - 2014) and ‘Bad Ass me 3’ directed by Craig Moss where he played Geoffrey(2015). Rotibi has also gained popularity through his performance, especially in the CW series ‘The Secret Circle’ as Ebden. He has also performed in various TV series such as – ABC’s ‘NYPD Blue’ (1997 – 2003), ‘Rage to Survive’ (1998), CBS’s ‘Washington Police’ (2001), TNN’s ‘The Fugitive Act’, UPN’s ‘Special Unit 2’ (2001), FX’s ‘Son of the Beach’, ‘The Jennie Project’ (2001), Sci-Fi Channel’s ‘Invisible Man’ (2001), CBS’s ‘JAG’ (2003), Lifetime’s ‘ The Division’ (2004), CBS’s ‘CSI: NY’ (2008) and El Rey’s ‘Matador’ (2014).

He has also made a special appearance in the CBS series ‘Scorpion’ as Madaky. Rotibi has also been a part of various plays. He played the role of Torch in ‘Beirut’ a play presented by Athena Theatre Co. One of the most striking aspects of Rotibi’s personality is how rooted he is in his culture and homeland. Not only is he an actor, but Rotibi is also a humanitarian. He has expressed his wishes to help young people in Africa who aspire to pursue acting. He believes in being original and wants to leave a mark through his works. His success mantra is observed to be working hard, learning from other people and improving his acting skills. Rotibi is a part of ‘I Am Just like You’ campaign which promotes racial equality and tries to diminish the barriers based on race and colour. He, himself, was a victim of racist comments and strives to create awareness about prevailing racial discrimination. He was also a part of the BLKBND project by the ADVNT society, and it was published on the Martin Luther King, Jr. day. On a lighter note, Rotibi loves Classic Rock, Salsa, and Classical Music. In recent times, Rotibi has a played the role of General Amajagh in the much-awaited film, ‘Batman vs. Superman’. His next project includes playing the role of GIGI in the movie ‘Going Under’ with Bruce Willis. Rotibi’s charismatic personality has attracted people’s attention and is gaining popularity with each performance. He maintains a good rapport with his fan by being in touch with them through his social networking accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).