Tom Hillmann is an American television and film actor. He is best known among the audiences for playing a role in The Outsiders. He guest starred in Star- Crossed, The CW show, as the father of Grayson. He worked as a recurring Special Agent Sackheim opposite David Caruso on CSI: Miami, CBS crime series. He also played a role of Denzel Washington in Out of Time. In 2015, he did the part of Mr Spiegelman, Margo Roth Spiegelman’s father, in Paper Towns. Cara Delevingne plays the Margo Roth character. He lived in New York and was grown up in Atlantic.

He went to college the heartland of Atlantic and then moved to Los Angeles for starting a career in acting. While trying to make a living out of acting, he worked at various odd jobs such as painting address numbers on street curbs, taking a drug test as a specimen and disguising as Power Ranger at parties for children. In later interviews, he emphasised on the fact that he would never endeavour to be a drug test specimen ever. He studies with Don Richardson, who is Peabody Award-winning director, at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) for one semester.

He has done roles in various TV series such Army Wives, K-Ville, Burn Notice, Recount and One Tree Hill. In Los Angeles, he did various Equity theatre productions and played the lead role like in Guys & Dolls, She Loves Me, A Christmas Carol, The 1940'S Radio Hour, Into the Woods, The Traveling Lady, Fiddler on the Roof and See How They Run. He is married, and the couple has three children. He likes to travel and has a taste for art. He balances his life with a healthy lifestyle. He still drives the Toyota Prius which he bought in 2001 during the spring season to cut back the expenses related to expensive cars.

He has five siblings with three sisters and two brothers, and he is the third one. His last name indicates his German heritage with two Ns. He also has Irish lineage. He is a distant relative of Jeremiah Dixon from the “Mason- Dixon Line.” He himself learned to ride the unicycle. In 1996, he won “Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award.” His filmography has entries like Out of Time, Recount, Dolphin Tale 2, Project: Metal Beast, and The Outsiders. Other TV shows include America’s Most Wanted, South Beach, Resurrection and Sleepy Hollows.