Birthday: 04-01-1988
Age: 31
Star sign: Aquarius

Abigail Kuklis had her childhood knit in a small firm in Pennsylvania. Her beautiful face is probably a result of the fresh fruits and vegetables - the perfectly balanced diet from her farm. They even sold honey from their beehives. But the girl from the farms could not stay there forever - she was influenced by the style, glamour and glitz of New York. Her mom took her to New York, and she just made the statement in her mind that she had to go there. She has a keen power of observation - according to her she loves being in places out of her comfort zones, she learns a lot by observing the characteristics of people and their body languages and all other non-verbal cues.

She began her acting career in Los Angeles and it was her sheer will-power and determination that helped her to grow as a professional model in New York. And as a result of her dedication, she has now gained international acclaim. Her filmography includes Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, etc.