Birthday: 22-06-1972
Age: 46
Star sign: Cancer

Isabelle Adriani is an Italian actress, singer, dancer, dub artist, fairy tale writer , journalist and has a unique talent and ability to whistle in a opera style. But, the list doesn’t end here; Isabelle Adriani is a PhD holder in History. She has done  a thesis called: ‘The DNA of Fairy Tale.’

As a writer, she used the pen name ‘ Federica Federici’ and under this name she has flawlessly scripted eight books. As Isabelle Adriani she published a book called True story of Cindrella, which is a historical novel. As a dub artist she has given voice to various characters and brought them to life. She has voiced peaches in Ice Age 4 (Italian version),Zarina in Tinkerbell, and Pirate Fairy Jeanette in Alvin and the Chipmunks 3 ( In this movie she also sang the song ‘ Help’ by Rihanna in Italian version.

Adriani was born in Perugia in Italy to neurologist parents who were well-known for their extraordinary research in brain disease. She has a sister, Alexandra and is engaged to Count Vittorio Palazzi Trivelli , a pilot of Ferrari and GT.Isabelle. She studied classical ballet for seven years and went onto study Opera singing in Rome. She did her masters in journalism and worked for major firms in TV channels and a Newspaper and finished her studies with a PhD in History.

In the past four years Adriani has played roles in blockbuster Italian movies like, ‘What a Beautiful Day’, ‘The First Beuatiful thing’ and many more.She can also be spotted on ‘The American’ and ‘ Twice Born’ and has presented TV shows like ‘Moviestar’.She currently swaps between Italy and Los Angeles for her upcoming film,’Reclaim’ directed by director Alan White.