Birthday: 21-08-1949
Age: 69
Star sign: Virgo

Loretta Devine is a much-accepted name whenever we vocalize our thoughts regarding the American Broadway plays or Broadway musical. Born and raised in a poor family, Devine's life was never a smooth ride, her mother, Eunice O' Neal earned a living by working in a local beauty salon and father, James Devine was a laborer. Several hardships, toils, and torments were the constant partners of Devine and her five siblings who were fostered single-handedly by their mother. An alumnus of the Houston University, she completed her Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Branders. Later she shifted her goal towards the Broadway plays out of her great fascination for the theater. 'A Broadway musical ' was her first step towards the arena, although it did not receive much appreciation, but success kissed her feet with another piece of Broadway musical named 'Dream girls'.

Devine's next target became the movies but in spite of being a versatile actress, she secured the minor roles which were quite disheartening for a blooming actress like her. Finally, the long wait got over in 1995 after she nailed a vital role like Gloria Matthews in the movie 'Waiting to exhale'. This execution, in particular, became her instrument of success bagging her the NAACP Image Award following her captivating performance as the supporting actress. Her later movies like ‘Down in the Delta’, ‘I am Sam’, ‘Urban Legend’, ‘Crash and The preacher's wife’ too became landmarks of good cinemas with several outstanding awards. Interestingly, Devine has a refined knowledge in music as well. In 1973, she got married to a famous musician Lamar Tyler but the relationship didn't last and Devine again got married to an accountant Glenn Marshall later.

She had a son from her previous marriage. Now to talk about her coalition with Television series, the first thing that strikes about her is the role of Adele Webber in the very famous ‘Grey's Anatomy’. The show gained great popularity and also created a landmark in Devine's career leading her to win Primetime Emmy award and Gracie Allen award. Another TV series named the Boston public, aired between 2000 and 2004 bagged her the Image Award for the outstanding performance. In recent times she can be seen portraying the role of Cynthia Carmichael in the gag series 'The Carmichael show'.