Tom Waits

Other names of Tom Waits: Thomas Alan Waits
Birthday: 07-12-1949
Age: 69
Star sign: Capricorn

Thomas Alan Waits is the full name of Tom Waits. He was born on December 7, 1949, in Pamona, California, United States. He is a musician, song writer, singer, composer, and actor by profession.

He started his career in the year 1972. He has his official website named His parents’ names was Alma Fern McMurray, and Jessie Frank Waits, both of them were school teachers. After his parents’ separation, he used to live with his mother in the National City and used to go with his father to his Spanish classes. He grew his interest in music from over there only. He learned to play piano at his neighbors’, all by himself. Before starting singing, he has done various jobs like coast guard, pizza delivery boy, etc. Critic Daniel Durchholz praises his voice by saying that he has a quite distinctive voice. He as a great musical persona as he had worked and done a lot of experiments in the music styles that were popular before Rock Genre came in, like vaudeville, jazz, and blues and had also created a lot of industrial music.

If we talk about his acting, he has done many supporting roles in movies like “Bram Stroker’s Dracula,” “Paradise Alley,” etc. He has also worked as a music composer in many commercials, movies, and musicals. He has his label called “Asylum Island ANTI-.” In the year 1986, he worked in a film called “Down by Law” as an actor directed by Jim Jarmusch. His soundtrack “One From The Heart” got nominated for an Academy Award.

He got married to Kathleen Brennan in August 1980, and the couple now has three children. Currently, he lives in Sonoma County, California. He has an immense fan following besides very less support through media during his early days. Many composers and songwriters follow him and take inspiration from his music. His songs became more popular when other singers started making covers out of them for example “Jersey Girl” being sung by Bruce Springsteen and “Downtown Train” by Rod Stewart.

His original albums do not use to get major success in Native America but were well received by the viewers of other countries. There are two proofs of his hard work and good music, one being the audience’s response, and the other being all the awards and nominations he got due to his work. His albums “Mule Variations,” and “Bone Machine” has won Grammy Awards. In the year 2011, his photo was framed in the hall of fame named “Rock And Roll.”