Birthday: 12-08-1950
Age: 68
Star sign: Virgo

David Valdes a.k.a. David Churchill Valdes (born 12th August 1950 in Los Angeles) is an American film producer. He was born to Armand George de Valdes (father) and Joan Rosemary Churchill (mother). David tied the knot with Susan Margaret Jones on 14th September 1974. They have two children: Summer Diana and Julia Margaret. In 1980, David began to assist directors in movies like “Oh God! Book II”, “The Outsiders”, “Tightrope” etc. While working on the sets of Tightrope, David befriended renowned actor and director Clint Eastwood.

In fact, David had a brief appearance in Tightrope alongside assisting Eastwood in directing it. As a result, Eastwood decided to associate with David for his upcoming projects. David became an associate producer of “Pale Rider”. Pale Rider was declared a “blockbuster” at the time of release and got screened at the 1985 Cannes festival, too. Valdes wenton to collaborate with Clint Eastwood on “The Dead Pool”,“Pink Cadillac”,“Unforgiven”,“White Hunter Black Heart” and “Bird”.

In 1999, David opted to co-produce “The Green Mile”, an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name. Tom Hanks played the role of Officer Paul, who shares his experiences of “Great Depression”. The Green Mile released on 10 December 1999. Critics praised the movie despite lamenting the duration. David and Frank Darabont got an Oscar nomination for the movie in the category of “Best Picture”.The Green Mile got four Academy Awards nominations in total. Eventually, it won several awards in different categories.

The Green Mile earned $300 million nearly. Since then, Valdes has produced a couple of Western and science fiction projects. In 2002, he presented “The Time Machine” with Memento’s Guy Pearce as the lead character. The Time Machine got mixed reviews from the journalists. Regardless of praises and criticisms, it received an Oscar nomination for “Best Makeup”. In 2011, David financed DJ Caruso’s “ I Am Number Four”. Interestingly, Anil Ambani’s Reliance Entertainment was also in the production of this thriller. In 2014, Valdes donned the hat of an associate producer for Johnny Depp’s “ Transcendence”.

Apart from Johnny Depp, it had Rebecca Hall, Cillian Murphy, Kate Mara and Morgan Freeman in lead roles. As a gesture of goodwill, Christopher Nolan was involved in the making of Transcendence as well. However, Transcendence could not perform up to people’s expectations as the film disappointed everyone. David’s recent project was “ Point Break”(2015).


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