Birthday: 14-07-1952
Age: 66
Star sign: Leo

Joel Silver was born on July 14, 1952. He completed his schooling at Maplewood. He Graduated from New York, University of Arts. He began his career at production company of Lawrence Gordon. After that, he became a President for Motion Picture. He got his first credit for being an associate producer of The Warrior.

By the year 1985, he formed a new production company called Silver Pictures and successfully produced several films like Lethal Weapon, etc. Joel Silver first appeared on the screen in the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit as the director of that animated short ‘Something’s Cookin. His production house published an episode on HBO’s horror show called Split Personality. He now runs two production companies Silver Pictures and Dark Castle Entertainment. He married Karyn Fields on July 10, 1999.

By the year 1984, he designed his Hollywood house which made a huge investment to take them back to their original position. This house was then used to represent as a logo for their production company.

He produced several talkies that include The nice guys, Veronica Mars (in the year 2014), The Loft, Non-stop, ‘Getaway’, Enemies Closer, The Factory, Dragon Eyes, ‘ Unknown’ (in the year 2011), The Losers (in 2010), The Matrix (in 1999), Made Men (in 1999), Romeo must die (in 2000), Exit Wounds (by 2001), ‘Proximity’ (by 2001), Fair Game (in 1995), Father's Day (in 1997), Stash House (by 2012), Die Hard (in 1988), Die Hard2 (in 1990), ‘Orphan’, ‘Splice’, Moonlight, The Reaping (by 2007), The Invasion, V for Vendetta (by 2005), Fred Clause (in 2007), ‘Rocknrolla’, Speed Racer (by 2008), Richie Rich (in 1994), Lethal Weapon3 (in 1992), The Last Boy Scout, ‘Commando’, House of Wax (by 2005), ‘Gothika’ (in 2003), The Brave One (in 2007), ‘Predator’ (in 1987) 'Mex', 'Xanadu' (in 1980), ‘48Hrs’ (in 1982), Ghost ship (by 2002), ‘Swordfish’ (in 2001), The Animatrix (by 2003), Street of fire, ‘Ritual’, Thirteen Ghost (in 2001).



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