Birthday: 12-12-1990
Age: 28
Star sign: Capricorn

Lee Seung-Hyun was born on 12 December 1990 in the district of Gwangsan in Gwangju, S. Korea. His stage name is Seungri. The hip-hop music star is a college drop-out from the Chung-Aug University, Seoul. He joined the CAU in 2010 and was placed on an academic probation as he missed many classes due to his practice sessions with his band. He then took admission in the Gukje Digital University in 2012.

His first appearance on TV was in a reality show called Let’s Coke Play! Battle Shinhwa, which was a talent-hunt show to find a new member of the band Shinhwa. Unfortunately, he got eliminated. He later joined the boy band, Big Bang in 2006. He is currently working for the YG Entertainment. The band even has a website ‘’, which has all the information related to it- their biographies, shows, life-story, documentary, journey, formation, etc. Lee’s first ever single was with the Korean singer, Park Bom.

This album had songs including La La La, Forever with You, and We Belong Together. This single received a record-breaking response. Later in 2007, he did his first solo “The Next Day” for the album Since 2007 by Big Bang. The group won an award in the 9thMnet Korean Music Festival under the category Song of the Year for the song “Lies” from their album Always in the year 2007. In 2008, the unfortunate happened, and the members of the band parted ways to pursue their dreams of a solo career.

Seungri made his TV debut for the MBC as a host in their show- Show! Music Core. After this show, he again did an album with the Big Bang. The album was named Remember (2008) and included the solos of Seungri. It included his two songs- ‘Sunset Glow’ and ‘Strong Baby’. He was a part of many TV shows, which include the SBS Productions’ Intimate Note, Family Outing, Haha Mong Show, Night After Night, Runny Man, King of Idols, Healing Camp: Aren’t You Happy, and Running Man; MBC productions’ Enjoy Today, and Infinite Challenge. He also worked for KBS as well as Mnet productions.

In these shows, he was either a host or a co-host, and mostly had a guest appearance. He has also featured in three movies. He played the role of Park Min-seo in the movie ‘Nineteen’ and also played Park Ji-Min in ‘Why Did You Come to My House?’ in 2009. His latest movie is the ‘High and Low The Movie’ of 2016. Lee is the founder of the Plug-in Music Academy (Seungri Academy) and has also established four dancing and acting institutes in Mokpo, Seoul, Daejeon, and Gwangju.