Birthday: 12-06-1893
Date of death: 11-07-1958
Star sign: Cancer

Evelyn Varden was born in Adair, Oklahoma on 12th June 1893.Evelyn was a stage artist and had done many theater plays and dramas in her life. While she was in her teens, she began acting and by the age of 16, she started her career in acting and was a part of the Broadway Theater.

Evelyn continued to perform at the theater and was well appreciated for portraying the role of Mrs. Gibbs who was a matron and was in charge of domestic and medical needs of a small town. She dreamt of going to Paris, the act was presented multiple times and was a huge hit and received critical appreciation. The act later was projected in the form of a movie and was later released.

Evelyn was a part of many Broadway theaters. She played many different roles like being a nurse; she has also played many supporting characters. Evelyn was a part of The Bad Seed (1956) where she played the role of Monica Breedlove. The story was about an eight-year-old girl, Rhoda Penmark who just lost the penmanship competition to one of her batch mates.

The school takes them for a picnic where Rhoda slams her tapping shoes on his face, killing him and ultimately drowning him. Rhoda’s mother recently discover her daughter being the murderer when she discovers the penmanship medal from her daughter and asks her to burn down the tap shoes while she throws the medal into the lake where she murdered the boy. When Rhoda returns to the lake to get back the medal, a lightning bolt strikes her and later she is found dead.

The movie was a huge hit at the theater and grossed about $4 million at the box office and was running straight for two months. In 1949, Evelyn made her debut to the big screen at the age of 56 with the movie, Pinky as Melba Vooley which is the story of an African-American who falls in love with a white American during the period when racism was still active in the countries. She was also a part of the remake of the drama, The Bad Seed which is described earlier in the text.

In the following year, she was cast as Mrs. Burns in Hilda Crane which is an American drama of Hilda Crane who married and divorced twice and still is searching for happiness. Evelyn died on July 11th, 1958 at the age of 65 in Manhattan, New York despite going strong in her career and was well settled in her life.


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