Prashant Bidkar is a famous production designer & art director belonging to the Marathi industry. He has also helmed the wheel as a Hindi-Art director in a few Bollywood films. Most of his works feature on apps like Como lo, where they fare well in different aspects such as rating, critics, box office, etc. Belonging to the Kolhapur film fraternity, he has scooped several prestigious awards alongside veteran actress Usha Naik. One of his most famous jobs came with ‘Ek Hazarchi Note,’ in 2014. The critics were so impressed by his talent that he won the coveted Special Jury Award at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI). He did so in 2014, in Goa; in his debut as an art-director.

The movie didn’t do well at the box office, but was critically acclaimed by celebrities all across the country. His most recent role as a production designer came with the 2014 hit ‘The Fort,’ starring Subhash, Devadhar & Bhalerao in leading roles. Directed by Avinash Arun, the film created a huge buzz at the time of its release. 2014 turned out to be his most successful year. Other than ‘Ek Hazarchi Note,’ which starred Marathi veterans Usha Naik, Sandeep Pathak & Shrikant Yadav, ‘Salaam’ did considerably well too. His career began in 2011, & since then he has juggled the roles of art director & production designer side by side.

The twenty-year-old celebrity has done a whole lot of movies which include ‘Deool,’ ‘Ek, Do,’ both of which came along in 2011. 2012 film ‘ Masala’ witnessed a new surge in his career since he was involved with several A-listers on the job which allowed him to gain an experience that helped him go a long way in his career. His next came in 2013 with ‘Makara,’ which was a short film that met moderate reception. With 2014 turning out to be his most financial success year, works like ‘Killa’ were highly appreciated. After ‘The Fort,’ he has worked in ‘Azaad,’ a short film made in 2016. All the above movies outline his career as a production designer.

His life as an art director started a little later, when he won the ‘Special Jury Award’ in 2014 for ‘Ek Hazarchi Note, that too in his debut as art-director, the industry was impressed by his raw talent & selected him to work for them. Since then, he worked on the sets of ‘Lathe Joshi’ & ‘7 Hours to Go’ in 2016. His latest gig came in ‘Chumbak,’ which is currently in its last phase of production. The youngster has wowed all industries as a whole on countless occasions. With new & exciting ventures set to release soon, his fans wait in excitement as the Maestro aims to impress them again.


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