Varun Shivdasani



Varun Shivdasani first appeared on the hit show on Sahara One channel, Biggest Loser Jeetega, as the head of Nutrition and Food. Sixteen fat participants from India fight for the title in this show by losing weight. Varun had a great role in the shedding of the weight of the contestants besides that of the trainers. This Master Chef had been cooking dishes that are low in calories for this show.

Varun imbibed culinary skills from reputed culinary schools in France and U.S., and he has a degree in culinary nutrition to his credit. 

Biggest Loser Jeetega was inspired by The Biggest Loser aired on U.S. The show was anchored by Suniel Shetty.

Varun manages nutrition and diet for a couple of movie stars and cricket players. He was recommended to Sanjay Dutt by Suniel Shetty.

As a child, Varun loved being in the kitchen, trying out little experiments of his own. He has also worked for renowned resorts and spas Abramovich, Chivasom, Six Senses Resort and Cuisin Art Resort and Spa. The celebrities for whom he has managed their menus include David Beckham, Kylie Minogue, Hugh Grant, Sean Connery and many more.

For Biggest Loser Jitega Varun was provided with 230 recipes and he dedicated a couple of months to analyze them. He was mainly concerned about the balance of tasty and low calory food. Varun is happy that those contestants who were not able to walk steadily before have gone to the extent of running long miles after participating in this show. 


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