Birthday: 22-06-1962
Age: 56
Star sign: Cancer

Kabir lal is one of the prominent cinematographers in the Indian film industry. Son of a cinematographer S S Lal he continued the legacy of his father and leading industry to a new edge of visual effects and cinematography. Kabir lal was born in Karnataka on june 22,1962.

He has achieved new heights in both South Indian and Bollywood film industry. Also called by name Manu, Kabir has been one of the most successful and talented cinematographers. Kabir lal started his career with a Kannada movie Kartvaya after death of his father in 1986. The first movie went nice for a starter.

American cinematography has been an inspiration to Kabir since his childhood. He was so amazed by cinematography he read all books on cinematography that were published since 1930.Kabir was mentored by his father to start his career in film industry. So he pursued a diploma degree in film industry .His father was also one of the well known cinematographers of his time and hence Kabir was excited by cinematography since his childhood. They say passion leads to path so does Kabir. Kabir did a south Indian movie that ignited his career; Aditya 369 in which there were huge special effects included and that was one of the fantastic movies in his startup that finally lead to the grooming of his future. The movie was directed by a famous director S Srinivasa Rao that also provided a leading edge to the career of Kabir. The movie was basically on a concept of time machine which was able to take you to future and past so the talent of Kabir in special effects in visuals provided him an opportunity to show his caliber. Kabir also did a movie with the same director for which he received an award from Andra Pradesh government; the movie was named as Bhairava Deepam.

The award received by Kabir lead his way to Mumbai. Mumbai was new to Kabir so during his early days in Mumbai he did some special songs for movies like Saajan, Laadla etc. During his early days he did commercials too for nice brands like Timex watches and Bagpiper. Then he got a chance to work with Subhash Ghai for the movie Trimurti and also for a movie Rajkumar starred Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit.This was the actual startup for which Kabir was searching in Mumbai.

Soon after he got chance to work with top directors like Rakesh Roshan for his movie Kaho na pyaar hai and Taal for Subhash Ghai . During his career Kabir has accelerated during all stages and has drastically influenced the film industry across India. Kabir Lal was awarded for best cinematography by Film fare for his movie Taal.