Dhaval Barbhaya

Other names of Dhaval Barbhaya: Dhawal Barbhaya, dhaval bharbhaya

Dhaval Bharbhaya is an actor based in Mumbai, India. He is one of those artists whom you see onscreen and forget after few minutes nevertheless he has contributed to the success of many movies, TV serials and Ad films. Dhaval first started his career with Ad films and later entered into Television serials. Although he has appeared in many movies and TV series, he hasn’t been credited with much. Nett4u requested a personal interview with Dhaval Bharbhaya so that people could appreciate and encourage talents of all kinds, small or big. Dhaval Bharbhaya was born in Mumbai and graduated from Nagindas Khandwal College of Commerce and Economics. Since childhood Dhaval had an interest in dramatics and acting, which later enabled him to try his luck in movies and commercial Films.

Dhaval had been around for quite a long time and received numerous offers as a supporting actor or an extra, working in the background with senior actors. He is tagged with many Hindi serials and made his television debut with Kora Kagaz(1998), which made star plus popular in the early nineties, this Tele-series successfully aired 169 episodes and earned a cult status among Indian audience. Bharbhaya, who recently completed his 80th ad film, tells us that his most favorite and popular is Cadbury Diary Milk’s iconic “Pappu Pass Ho Gaya” commercial starring alongside the Legendary Amitabh Bachchan.

Dhaval recently made his movie debut in Aamir Khan’s Delhi Belly and in this movie he is allotted a small amount of screen time as R. Balachandar. In Riteish Deshmukh’s “ Aladin” he played the role of “Egg Head”, Dhaval also shared the screen with Jackie Shroff in Kahin Hai Mera Pyar (2014). Bharbhaya is a kid when it comes to supercars and possesses a large collection of toy cars which he one day dreams to replace with real sports cars. He is currently busy working with Yashraj’s “ Bank Chor”.