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Dr. Sanket Bhosale got famous for being a Doctor. He seems to have a great sense of humor along with being an astonishing mimicry artist also. He started off his career of a humorist by participating as a contestant on the show named Laugh India Laugh. The judges of the show were the two celebrated actors for their acting namely Shekhar Suman and Chunky Pandey. According to them, his talent was tremendously hysterical, and the voices that he emulated were so good and unusual that it was impossible to copy. Actor Calling Actor, this little segment of just over two minutes is aired once every hour.

This show was launched in the year of 2010 and has been a great success ever since. Last year, this segment triumphed in getting a prestigious award namely Golden Mike, for the Indian radio industry, for the Most Unique Programming Idea/Concept. Talking about the major team of the show is an unusual duo. In this duo, one of them is a doctor who has just completed his MBBS from a college located in Sangli, Maharashtra, namely Dr. Sanket Bhosale. The other one is a former engineering student and call center executive, namely Kettan Singh. Dr. Sanket Bhosale travels to a neighboring recording studio in Sangli to record the dubbed voice of Farhan Akhtar approximately thrice a week. Then he emails the file to the radio station in Mumbai. The subsequent artist dubs the voice of Javed Akhtar.

His story:

Sanket Bhosale was at his place in Mumbai for his vacations, and he participated in ‘Asli Number 1’, which is a one-day talent show in which mimics compete with one another. Bhosale’s uncle, Sumit Shinde, a dentist, who was also competing won the competition. Sanket turned out to be a runner-up. Actor John Abraham was one of the judges and was so stupefied by Bhosale’s mimicry of Farhan Akhtar that he just couldn’t differentiate between the real and the duplicate. After John, Kohli heard his performance too, and he too was astonished.

Bhosale prides himself in his wide repertoire. He can imitate some personalities, and is currently competing as a standup comedian in the TV show Laugh India Laugh. He practiced his skills by copying his friends and relatives’ idiosyncrasies. But over the years, he realized that mimicry isn’t just copying someone but to perform well one has to get into the character of the subsequent party. Bhosale can also mimic Salman Khan flawlessly.

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