Rubal Dhankar originates from Delhi, India. He is a police constable and works for Delhi Police Department. He has a very well built physique and is very strong. He rose to fame by participating in the X4 edition of Roadies, which is a popular show among the youth. He was a very strong contender for the winning title in that competition. He was selected for his wonderful display of strength and confidence in the auditions. He went to Rannvijay’s Gang. Two other gang leaders namely Neha Dhupia and Karan Kundra were equally impressed and wanted him to come to their gang, but he chose Rannvijay over them.

Rubal belongs to a Jaat family in Delhi. Rannvijay selected him because he was mesmerized by his appearance, his appeal, and his will. Even his singing and dancing skills were liked by the viewers. Rubal is a very sincere police constable, and he is very close to his mother. He often seeks advice from her and takes her permission and opinion in each and every step of his life. The Roadies X4 show is a youth show in MTV channel, and it has four judges. Neha Dhupia, Karan Kundra, Rannvijay Singh and Prince Narula. It is a very famous show on MTV channel. Rubal is currently twenty-seven years of age.

For those ladies out there who got attracted by this handsome hunk, please take tissues in your hand because Rubal is married. He is a Hindu. Rubal was a crucial member of Rannvijay’s gang. As we all know that Rannvijay himself is a fitness freak, and that is what prompted him to choose Rubal as his gang member because he was equally fit. Rubal was a first choice candidate in any task for Rannvijay. He performed like a lion, tearing down anyone who came in his path. He was fierce. He helped his gang win some crucial competitions, when they needed a win, and kept them safe.

Rubal did not talk much, but he gave some valuable ideas which helped his gang make some strategies that they used against other gangs. Rubal was always eager to perform in strength based tasks because he knew where he was good at. The viewers who watched Roadies X4 will know how Rubal performed. He deserved to win Roadies, but he failed to do so. We hope that Rubal will achieve great success in his life, servicing the public as a Police Constable. He is a good soul, and we hope he stays like that forever.



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