Birthday: 1944
Date of death: 11-03-2012

Tahira Wasti born in 1944, at Sargodha during British India. She died on 11th of March, 2012 in Karachi, Pakistan. She was a Television actors and a writer. In Pakistan, she was very popular due to her writing. She got fame due to her character of ‘Isabella of Castile' in Shaheen a drama.

 Tahira started her career in 1968, from ‘Jaib Qatra' a serial on Pakistan Television Corporation. It's based on a famous novel Manto by Saadat Hasan. She was in Jaangloos, Daldal, Kashkol, and many more dramas in the 90s. She wrote science fiction, and she even wrote for television.

She got married to an English newscaster and a Tv actor Rizwan Wasti. She is the mother of Laila Wasti a TV actress. Her niece is Maria Wasti. She died in Karachi due to natural causes at 68 year of age. She got nominated for the Best Writer Serial in the 1st Indus Drama Awards in 2005.

She was in many Dramas like Fishaar, Daldal, Afshan, Aakhri Chatan. Then in 1968, she was in Jaib Qatra in 1990, she was in Kashkol. She also appeared in Jaangloos, Raat, Shaheen, Tipu Sultan, Dil Diya Dehleez, Harjai, Dooraha, Maamta, Moorat, Khaleej, Harjaee, Chand Grahan, Aakhri Chatan and few more. She was also in a Pashto Comedy Drama ‘Teer Pa Heer' and a PTV Drama ‘Shaam sy Pehlay'.


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