Tanvee Sharma is a movie as well as Television actress from India. She was most active during the 1990s.

Jaan Ki Kasam was one of the most famous films that she has done. It released on the 2nd of April 1991. It was a Bollywood film, which got made in the Hindi Language. Sushil Malik was the talented director of this motion picture. Javed Riaz was the producer of Jaan Ki Kasam. The lead actors of the movie include Saathi Ganguly and Krishna. Jaan Ki Kasam starts with a family travelling to a place via air. However, due to some glitches with the aeroplane, they get involved in an accident. The members of the household get played by Tanvee Sharma, Archana Puran Singh, and Suresh Oberoi. All of the family members succumb to the injuries of the accident. Only Tanvee Sharma survives. She lands up on a deserted island. After a while here, she meets a man named Rajan. An actor plays the role of Rajan with the name of Krishna.

As they spend a lot of time together, they fell in love with each other gradually. However, their life in the island is not all about love. It is also about survival and understanding each other while growing up. Tanvee Sharma plays the role of Meenu’s daughter. Meenu, who is played by Saathi Ganguly, dies in a plane accident at the start of the movie. Nadeem and Shravan are the head persons who were in charge of the songs. The songs in the motion picture are melodious too.

She is also known to have worked on the show Just Mohabbat. It was a television series which used to air on the TV channel Sony TV. It started playing in the year 1996. Tony and Deeya Singh are the directors of this show. The program is about a teenage person who lives away from his parents in a hostel. His name is Jai, and his role is played by Harsh Lunia earlier and later Vatsal Sheth as the show progresses. Vatsal Seth portrays Jai in his early teen years. The names of his parents are Raj, who gets played by Salim Shah and Maya, whose role is played by Kavita Kapoor. The show also describes his relation with his friends Roma, Madhur, and Sanjay. Tanvee Sharma plays the character of Madhur Lanmba here.

Even after many years of her work, it is still highly appreciated.