Master Vishal is an Actor, who starred as a child in many films. He starred as a child artist in movies like “ Dushman” in 1998, “ Namastey London” in 2007 and “My Friend Heera” in 2012. In the movie “My Friend Heera”, he portrayed the main protagonist named Vishal. The film focuses on the love of a 7-year old boy towards a Mango Tree and how in the face of the uprising urbanization, the tree is sacrificed. But the boy grows on, and the way he takes progressive measures in the future is the main plot behind this short film. This film was directed and written by Amit Gupta and had co-directed by Pramit Gupta. The movie also had Aryaman Agarwal and Shilpi Gupta as collaborative directors. Amit Gupta also gave voice to the character of Mango Tree.

Recently, this child will be seen as a supporting actor in the movie “ Malgudi Days”. The star cast of this film includes actors like Anoop Menon, ' Bhama', Priyanka Nair, Alji Francis, Abhi Madhav, T P Madhvan, etc. It also has child artists Baby Janaki and Baby Shreya in supporting roles. The film is directed by Vivek Sreekumar, Visakh Sreekumar and Vinod Sreekumar under the production of ‘V Company’.


Adhish Praveen
Saharsh R Augustin
Sahil Habeeb
Taruni Sachdev
Aangelina Abraham
Kanmani Upasana