V. D. Rajappan

Other names of V. D. Rajappan: Velikuzhiyil Devadas Rajappan
Birthday: 03-01-1944
Age: 75
Star sign: Aquarius

V.D. Rajappan is a Malayalam actor of the Indian Cinema. He works in the Malayalam movies. V. D. Rajappan has shown his talent not only in the field of acting but also he was a renowned artist of Kerala’s performing art Kedhaprasangam. It is a storytelling platform in which the artists depict different stories from their performance. This platform does not use any costumes or ornaments to portray the story. There is a main character named Khadikkan that speaks, acts, and sings the story to the audience. V.D. Rajappan was born at Kottayam, which is the administrative capital of the district. V.D. Rajappan’s parents were Devdas and Vasanthy. He has one sibling, a sister.

He has two children Rajesh and Ravi with his wife, Sulochana. He currently resides in Peroor. V.D Rajappan’s first movie was in the year 1982 named Kakka in which he played a supporting role. He had his innovative style in the stand-up comedy acts which made him popular, and audiences appreciated his performance. He played comedy roles in Malayalam movies in the late 80,s 90,s. V.D. Rajappan has acted in more than 50 Malayalam movies in his career. In his time of glory and fame, some of his best filmographies were Ok Chaco Cochin Mumbai, which was released in 2005 a Malayalam film, Nagravadhu released in 2001, Swarna Gopuram and many more. According to the news, the current situation of the comedian actor is not good.

If the buzz is to be believed, he is currently bedridden. A Malayalam show that works for veteran comedy actors of the cinema visited V.D. Rajappan, and he shared with them his famous parody songs is those conditions. He is said to be suffering from Diabetes and has become frail and weak. He can sit with the support of his wife, Sulochana. We wish this comedy king to get well soon.