Gayathri Krishna

Gayathri Krishna is a South Indian actress, primarily featuring in Tamil films. Her fame dates back to her debut film, ‘ Joker’ in 2016 Her debut film ‘Joker’ is stuck gold. It is a political satire that chastises the current political discrepancies.

The protagonist, Mannan sparks up the events when he assumes himself as the President of the country, thereby raising his voice against all the government oriented injustices. For the greater part of the film, he is seen as the ‘joker’. The film, then, through a flashback method, enters the past. His past appears as a happy canvas where he is ardently in love with a girl.

The only discord happens due to a condition given by his lady love. Whether the condition is fulfilled or not—is a question that the audience discovers only at the end. Hopefully her next release Merku Thodarchi Malai', will bring her new horizons of success.

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