Saradha Preetha is a famous Indian movie actress mainly in the South Indian Malayalam movies. Saradha Preetha is well recognized all over the country because people say she was one of the prominent and amazing lead and even supporting actresses in many well known and well appreciated Malayalam and Tamil hit movies during the 1990s. Saradha Preetha came into the south Indian movie industry and field since she was a child as a child artist and later Saradha Preetha started getting ahead and doing lead roles as well as supporting roles in many movies of the south Indian movie industry.

Since Saradha Preetha was a small child, Saradha Preetha always enjoyed dramatics and wanted to be doing that for a living. Saradha Preetha wanted the fame and stardom all the actors and actresses hope to achieve one day. Saradha Preetha wanted to inspire all the crowd with her acting skills showing that they can do it too. Saradha Preetha started taking part in school plays and very soon within the blink of an eye Saradha Preetha had started to work as a child actress in the south Indian cinema industry which had already put her on the stepping stone towards the stardom and fame Saradha Preetha had always been hoping for. This head start in the cinema field gave Saradha Preetha a boost for nurturing her talent of acting.

Saradha Preetha was found to be better than most well-known actresses, and soon she was on demand by the directors. Saradha Preetha soon grew up to be a charming and talented actress which got her many roles not only as supporting actress but also as a lead actress in many movies in the South Indian movie industry. One of Saradha Preetha's most famous work till now which was directed by Raj Kapoor is Chinna Pasanga Naanga which got her a lot of fame.

This movie Chinna Pasanga Naanga revolved around Murali, a short-tempered who also happens to be quite young, returns to his home after gaining his education in the city. Ambalam is a very well respected panchayat headman of the village where Murali lived before he moved to the city to gain more education as it was not available in the village where he lived in. His brother also happens to have married a girl from a different caste which was very frowned upon in the village he lived in.


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