Anand Kumaresan

Anand Kumaresan is a Tamil screenwriter, story writer, and film director. His debut feature film, Vasanthakumaran, was shelved due to a fall out between the lead actor, Vijay Sethupathi and RK Suresh, the producer of the film under Studio 9 production house. Later, when the two have settled their dilemma, Anand thought that they could finally restart Vasanthakumaran.

However, he was not informed that instead of resuming his film, Vijay and RK had started the film, Dharmadurai. Anand also penned and directed the Tamil short film, Colour White, with Shubash Vetrri, in the lead role. In 2015, he, along with Anand Annamalai, won the Vikatan Award for Best Dialogues for their outstanding work in the very successful Tamil comedy-drama film, Kaaka Muttai.


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