Anjali Rao is an Indian actress who acts in Kollywood. She is best known for her role as the ghost in Tamil movie ‘ Baby’ that released in 2015. It is believed that this horror movie was drafted for Anjali Rao (Anne), the ghost. Some of the scenes that she displays are really shocking. The great thing is that whenever she performed in a single scene of this film, it gave a lot of scares and goosebumps moments. Director Suresh, who wrote the story and penned the screenplay, had even shot the whole movie under his control.

Anjali had rehearsed for this role of a ghost, and she loved doing it, and even it had every amazing scene with the child actor Shira Gaarg and the whole show was really amazing too. The film released among some big banner releases such as Kamal Haasan’s ‘ Papanasam’ but yet the film fared well in box office among intellectual classes. It may be noted that most of the ghost stories are always meant to be stereotype where the ghosts are meant to take revenge. But this was a drama of emotion where Anne, the ghost made her appurtenances in order to strike a chord with her separated child.

Some scenes which Anjali Rao did were indeed shocking and well executed! The film was a joint venture project between R.K. Entertainment and Sri Annamalaiyar Studios. This film indeed presented some of the most chilling scenes in Tamil cinema, and this movie had played down it supernatural elements.