Sudeep Impresses The Australian Fans!

2018-10-29 17:05

Sudeep Impresses The Australian Fans!
Sudeep” and Shiva Rajkumar starrer, The Villain released a couple of weeks ago. The film directed by Jogi Prem had been received well by the audiences. The film released a bit late in Australia. An Australian fan Prema tweeted, “@KicchaSudeep Watched The villain movie today here in Sydney. Omg as an actor you have evolved into one of the best actors of sandalwood and you are unmatchable!!! If I would watch the movie again then its just to watch you Mind blowing.” Another fan replied that that’s Kichcha for no reason. Prema replied, “Indeed !!! Every second of his acting just takes viewer to the whole new level and his looks, costume and hairstyles are simply the best !!!! I am now a diehard fan of you @KicchaSudeep May you keep entertaining all the kannada movie lovers to the eternity.” Sudeep, who saw her tweet replied her humbly, Thanks Mam! So, Sudeep had made a normal audience to become his fan with his extraordinary performance.


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