Kamal Tweets After Visiting Dr Kalam’s House!

2018-02-21 10:42

Kamal Tweets After Visiting Dr Kalam’s House!
Kamal Haasan, who started his political journey from the House of Kalam, tweeted, “பிரமிப்பூட்டும் எளிமையைக் கண்டேன், கலாமின் இல்லத்திலும், இல்லத்தாரிடமும். அவர் பயணம் துவங்கிய இடத்திலேயே நானும் என் பயணத்தைத் தொடங்கியதை பெரும்பேறாக நினைக்கிறேன். #maiam.” Kamal Haasan started his political journey today, 21st February. Many people support Kamal. The actor turned politician said that he wanted to start his political journey from the place where Dr. Abdul Kalam started. Kamal wondered that like Dr. Abdul Kalam, his relatives are very simple and his home too. To join Kamal in his political journey, Bigg Boss fame lyricist “ Snehan” has come to Rameshwaram. Yesterday, “ Seeman” met Kamal and wished him the best. Actor “ Sathyaraj,” who is popular for his impressive speeches said that actors are just actors and they couldn’t serve the people. So, people must think before choosing their leader, said Sathyaraj.


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