Upcoming Flick By Ram Charan Happens To Be A Risky Venture

2018-03-17 13:35

Upcoming Flick By Ram Charan Happens To Be A Risky Venture

The upcoming flick Rangasthalam has a run time of about 2.50 hours and this is taken as a lengthy movie of late. The movie director is Sukumar and he along with the producers are hopeful that the movie would turn out to be a hit. The movie is anticipated to be a classic movie for Charan. In the latest development, it has come to everybody’s knowledge that the makers of the movie are in no idea to cut the movie any further. The directors of the movie are of the opinion that the second half of the movie is speedy and there is prevalent opinion among the audiences that the movie is completed very soon.

Charan is already assuming the opinion that the movie is a background with the village touch. Charan happens to have taken a risky venture. But, it is to be noted that risks are to be taken for success of any venture.


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