Meri Shadi Karao- A good family video for the Mehndis! Movie Review

Meri Shadi Karao- A good family video for the Mehndis! Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Meri Shadi Karao"
Runtime: 1 Hour 50 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 04-01-2013
Genre: Comedy
2 / 5.0


Manoj Pahwa
Daler Mehndi
Gurdeep Mehndi
Syed Noor
Radhika Vaid


The film apparently has a series of “firsts” to its credit – for one it is the first film production of Daler Mehndi, the famous Bhangra pop singer. The other more significant aspect of the film is that perhaps for the first time an Indian film has been directed by a Pakistani director – the 60-year-old Syed Noor, who has a string of Pakistani films to his credit. Perhaps it could have been the Dubai connection (where most of the movie has been shot), that had made this unique association possible. Incidentally, the main actors and actresses of the film are almost entirely drawn from the Daler Mehndi clan.

Plot: Meri Shadi Karao” has a comic plot, where the main characters all lead a plush life in Dubai, with uncle Kalyan (played by Manoj Pahwa) keen to get his nephew Gurdeep (portrayed by Gurdeep Mehndi the hero of the film), married to Radhika (the role being played by Radhika Vaid). This is for no other reason but to revive Gurdeep’s earlier aborted love affair with Radhika’s mother, Pritamji. Incidentally, Pritam was Gurdeep’s college crush, and now that she was separated from her husband, Gurdeep seemed confidence enough to continue his unfinished love agenda, taking advantage of his nephew’s dalliance with Pritam’s The subsequent events go along the expected lines, as would happen in a film declared to be an out and out comedy.

Review: There are numerous twists, turns and misses in the uncle’s endeavour to light up the romance between Gurdeep and Radhika driving them down the marital altar so that his own route to Pritam becomes one with the least of hassles. In their respective missions of love, all of them seem to enjoy the wide driveways of Dubai and are frequently seen behind the wheel, traversing the rich landscape of Dubai with its impressive array of a high rise, wide driveways and sprawling sea fronts. The central concept behind the plot appeared to be quite a potent one, to develop it into a sustainable comedy movie. Unfortunately, somewhere down the line, the “Mehndi family” switches off and starts behaving as though they were in the midst of an extended picnic and lost track of the script – or whatever the script had to offer. The remainder almost degenerates into a series of video bursts of the family, shot on the classiest mobile phone the family had bought the previous evening on their latest shopping spree!

Star Performances: Interestingly, all the actors seem full of energy and zest, but do not seem to be in any need to follow a given script. It would perhaps never be clear why Daler Mehndi had to turn to a director from the neighbouring country when someone like even a David Dhawan understudy could have developed the theme into an entertaining comedy. In any case, a film like this can only act as a negative publicity for its director Syed Noor, especially for those back home trying to monitor his debut fortunes in Bollywood. However, Daler delivers where he is really good at – the musical score of the film is the only saving grace of the film.

Verdict: It is a pity that the musical score could not find a better nesting place than this immensely forgettable film. If you are a Daler Mehndi fan get the audio track of the music, and enjoy it from the peaceful confines of your home, rather than lose sleep on a film which in any case would have made you feel drowsy!


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