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Stunt Artist Plays With Stunt

A stunt is a dangerous act of a physical activity that could cause death if not handled correctly. stuntperformers are the ones who do the chase scenes and other complicated, dangerous action scenes in place of the actor and actress. Stunt drivers’ usually only do driving stunts but nowadays they do other stunts as well such as jumping off a cliff or doing a scene where they have to jump out of moving vehicles. They are also known as body doubles or stuntperformers. He/ she acts instead of the original actor/ actress in any dangerous and risky scenes where the actor / actress could get harmed or die.
They are trained to drive or perform a stunt with such precision that it looks reckless but is actually highly controlled by them.

They are usually performed in high-end films and action feature films. Stunt drivers may do a variety of stunts such as live stunts, vehicular or mechanical which can also include Combat fighting, sword fighting, martial arts, and acrobatics. There is a lot of Hindi action films made nowadays and the use of stuntmen has increased. Many new Bollywood actors and actress do their own stunts with training and direction from these professional stunt directors. A stunt director is someone who directs stuntmen to complete dangerous stunts for another actor/ actress by risking their life.

The main task of the Stunt Director is to get the stunt done in a realistic manner and make the audience / viewers believe what they see on screen. Depending on the film script, stunt drivers and directors are freelanced for the film duration.