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Assistant Art Director

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Assistant Art Director Bridges Between Art Director And Production Designer

With the ability to make free-hand and technical drawings, the Assistant Art Director works from the pre-production phases until the film is wrapped up- at times, even after that. The assistant art director collaborates with the art director and the production designer to draw the preliminary sketches and layouts, which are then reviewed by the filmmaker. In case storyboard/concept artists have roped in for the drawing, they monitor their work and groom them before it goes to the director for review.

Once the preliminary sketches are approved, the detailed drawings are made for which artists are hired, and the assistant art director monitors their tasks. These sketches require a lot of precision as they will be used for the set construction and decoration, property making, paintings, etc. When the rest of the art team, like the carpenters and painters, are working, Assistant Art Director is responsible for keeping a check on the costs of construction and purchase, and also to complete each task by their respective deadlines. They also ensure that the production crew follows all the instruction by the art director and the production designer. They also coordinate with the costume designer, set diggers, and property department.