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VJ Familiar With Current Trend

The roles of a Radio Jockey and video Jockey are almost synonymous. The main difference is a radio jockey introduces songs to the people on air while a video jockey does the same with videos over television. The video jockey is the one who informs people about the videos before they are released on the TV. They are solely responsible for making it popular among people by delivering it to them with their unique style. Video Jockey has many responsibilities inside a station; they need to maintain their shifts, and sometimes they required to do live shows.

Also sometimes they record their shows before the airing time. They introduce the videos, and the artist involve with them sometimes they conduct interviews and reviews the already aired videos. The video jockeys have to make appearances in public to promote their stations and shows; they may also be asked to host any events. In short a video jockey is someone who had been familiarized with current trends, is punctual and responsible about their work