Birthday: 28-08-1962
Age: 56
Star sign: Virgo

David Fincher was born on 28th August 1962 and is a director as well as a producer in America. He has even got the Academy Award for being the best director in the productions “ The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button” released in 2008 and for “ The Social Network”, a drama released in 2010. He even received huge fame for many directions like ‘Seven’ in 1995, written by Andrew Kevin Walker, ‘Fight Club’, a release of 1999, and screenplay of Jim Uhis, ‘ Gone Girl’ a release of 2014, etc. He also received the applause for being instrumental in creating the Netflix series “House Of Cards” in the U.S.

Coming to his early life, he took birth in Colorado, and his mother was Claire Mae, who was a nurse for mental health from the place “South Dakota” and has worked for drug addiction related programs. His father was “Howard Kelly Fincher”, who was an author and has worked as a bureau chief for the magazine “ Life”. In 2003 of April, Howard died due to cancer. During his young age, David was interested in the film line. At the age of two, he with his family went to stay in California, and there George Lucas was his neighbour. When he was a teenager, he went to Oregon, and completed his graduation from Ashland High School.

At the time of his high school, he went for play direction, sets designing and lighting work after school and in theater movies second run; he worked as production assistant in the news station of local television named “KobiI” in Oregon. With this, he did other jobs like dishwasher, fry cook, etc. Being inspired from the movie, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, a western American release of 1969, he started making movies with 8mm Camera. When starting with his early career, he worked as production assistant in Korty Films. After then, he went on to become the producer of visual effects. There he worked on the animation “Twice Upon A Time” during 1983.

He was also hired during 1983 by “Industrial Light And Magic” and worked as the photographer assistant and the photographer. Then in 1983, he worked on “Return Of The Jedi” and in 1984 he worked on “Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom”. Then during 1984, he left “ILM”, to direct American Cancer Society, a commercial, in which he tried to show a fetus, who was involved in cigarette smoking. That was so good that it got him in the notice of Los Angeles Producers and then in 1985, he directed the documentary “The Beat Of the Live Drum”. Then he centered his attention to music videos.

He also directed the video related to clothes, “We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off”, which is its title name and it was a huge success for the American R and B singer “Jermaine Stewart” and also worked extensively for the direction of videos like - “Express Yourself”, a song written by ‘ Madonna’, “Bad Girl”, “Oh Father” and “Vogue”, which are other writings by Madonna that were made by him. Following this, he worked for, Alien 3, Seven, The Game and Fight Club, Panic Room, ‘Hiatus’, ‘ Zodiac’, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, during 1990 and 2000.

Then in 2010 he proceeded to work for The Social Network, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Gone Girl, and Television Career. His 2011 releases included - The Girl Who Played With Fire, Gone Girl in 2013 and was also proceeding towards the series “Utopia”, which was canceled during 2015 due to budget related disputes.

Coming to his personal life, in 1990 he married “Donyo Florentino”, a photographer and they both got divorced in 1995. The couple had a daughter “Phelix Imogen Fincher”. He did marry “ Cean Chaffin” later, who was a producer by profession.