Birthday: 04-10-1967
Age: 51
Star sign: Scorpio

Liev Schreiber is a famous producer and actor in Hollywood film industry. He did some role-plays in Broadway productions. In 2005, He became Best Featured Actor and got Tony award due to his amazing performance in Glengarry Glen Ross. In the same year, he also became writer and director by coming up with a film Everything Is Illuminated a dramatic film starring Eugene Hütz and Elijah Wood. It was based on a novel with the same title. He played lead roles in Showtime series called Ray Donovan a dramatic and crime series by Ann Biderman. He is the main narrator for 24/7 an HBO series and PBS programs. Schreiber initiated his training in the acting domain from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, through the consortium of five colleges. In 1989, he did a role as Antonio in The Merchant of Venice a play by William Shakespeare starring Jeffrey Donovan. Live also completed his graduation as master’s degree from Yale School of Drama in the year 1992.

On the same time, he did a lead role in The Size of the World under the direction of Walton Jones. When he was doing his master’s degree, his companion was Earle R. Gister a famous American teacher in acting and had a huge experience in professional theater training. His ambition was to become a screenwriter but finally settled in the acting domain. Before playing lead roles in some of the big films, Live did some supporting roles in independent films. He did a supporting role as the accused murderer in with character name Cotton Weary in Scream a franchise for horror films in America. After that, Scream got an amazing response at the box office and Live got some other roles in some of the big-budget pictures. After the successful horror one Scream, he starred for HBO original movie RKO 281 with a character Orson Welles. For the same movie, he was nominated for Golden Globe and Emmy awards. He then got some supporting roles in several films like the remake of Ransom a thriller and crime film under the direction of Ron Howard.

He also did a supporting role in The Hurricane a biographical film released in 1999 under the direction of Norman Jewison. He got another opportunity in 2000 movie version of Hamlet under the direction of Michael Almeredya starring Ethan Hawke. Schreiber became famous in 2004 after acting in the remake of The Manchurian Candidate as this film generated some controversy during the presidential election at the same time. In 2006, he played a role in Macbeth where the opposite star was Jennifer Ehle. He did a supporting role in The Omen, which was a remake of a horror classic that released in 1976 with the same title. He won in Detroit Film Critics Society Awards in the category of Best supporting actor for his work in Spotlight. He also won in Independent Spirit Awards in the category of Ensemble performance for his amazing work in Spotlight.


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