Birthday: 07-01-2000
Age: 19
Star sign: Aquarius

Marcus Scribner is an American Actor. Marcus is the fourth generation of the Los Angeles natives. Scribner was born on the 7th of January in the year of 2000 in the same hospital where his mother was born, i.e., Cedars-Sinai Hospital. He has a Legacy that has strong bonds in the family. His Grandfather had immense love for the Roman and Greek Mythology and History that made his name his son, i.e., Marcus’s Father Troy that was inspired by Mythological Troy of Greek. His Father Troy also shared the same love named his son Marcus.

Marcus is a masculine name that has its origin in the Ancient Roman and refers to the God of Mars. His Father also named his daughter, i.e., Marcus’s sister Athena which refers to the Virgin Greek Goddess who did not have a mother and was the goddess of intelligence, reason, literature, and arts. At just the age of 10, Marcus bagged his first guest star on his television show “Castle”, he celebrated the occasion by gifting himself his very first puppy. Following the tradition of his family, he named his new beagle friend “Zeus”, which also has its origin in Greek Mythology and is known to be the father of Athena.

In the September of 2014, he got his major break to play a regular in the series titled “Black-ish”, an ABC’s production. He played the role of Andre Jr, a nerd that is always confused with the world he lives in. This comedy show went on the break records and became the highest rated comedy genre show of its time. Marcus garnered a lot of praise for this role and was even awarded a NAACP Image Award.

The show itself has received many awards from NAACP like that of Outstanding Comedy Series. It has also won an award from the American Film Institute and the Teen Choice Award for the Best Breakout Show. Marcus has always had the fondness for the animation industry. So, it was like a dream come alive when he was approached to be the rambunctious “ Buck”, the dinosaur in the movie “ The Good Dinosaur” by Pixar.

He also landed a part on another animated series “Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh” that was produced by the Dream Works and was aired on Netflix. His upcoming project which is named “Alexander IRL” is a very anticipated teen indie feature comedy. It’s trailer was recently released July 2016 and featured the lead star Nathan Kress walking down the hallway of his school like a popular party star of his school.

Marcus plays the friend of Nathan and his brother played by Brent Rivera. The show is loosely based on how the brother duo and their friends are into partying and how they use that as a means to get popular. Marcus is a humanitarian at heart and is always seen following it whenever he is on a break from acting. In his free time, you can find Scribner trotting around the world helping the unprivileged. With his love for beaches, he has traveled to many of the Caribbean Islands and has worked towards providing a better and higher education to the children there.

He was named the first ever Youth Ambassador by the Sandals Foundation and the Beaches Resorts. He is also involved with the welfare of Animals and is appointed the Chief Youth Innovator to protect the beautiful animals of Africa by South Africa’s Reserve Protection Agency. With everything else he does, he still manages to be an honor student, and it’s his dream to attend one of the universities under Pac-12. He puts in great efforts and hopes to be able to get into UCLA or the Stanford University.  



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