Mark Stanley was born on 29th April 1988. He began his primary school education at Prince Henry Grammar School. He graduated during the year 2010 from The Music and drama institute of Guildhall. He started his career with HBO for the series Game of Thrones as Green. Apart from this series, he is popularly remembered for his tools in ‘Our kind of traitor’ and ‘Dickensian’. He worked for Game of Thrones during the year 2011 to 2014 which consists of nearly 22 episodes the entire plot of the series is a fantasy drama television which is made by David Banner.

He worked in the song of Fire and Ice where the story is a war for 10 Kingdoms and a continent. Game of Thrones received several awards and nominations which includes ‘Screen actors Guild Awards,’ ‘Primetime Award,’ ‘Emmy awards,’ ‘Creative arts,’ ‘Emmy awards for outstanding drama series,’ ‘outstanding support series writing,’ ‘ summer cream awards,’ ‘ directing award,’ and several other nominees as well. The first season of Game of Thrones gained around 2.5millions viewers on its first launch.

From 2015 to 2016 he worked for the series Dickensian, a British series, playing character of Bill skies. It consists of around 14 episodes telecasted in BBC one. The director of the show is Charles Dickens. Each episode is a story of Christmas Eve which spans around 7 to 8 minutes.. In 2017, he worked for the drama ‘Broken’ which is a British Drama Series with six episodes. The play is produced by Donna Malloy. In 2013 he worked for the movie ‘how I live now’ which is the British Canadian speculative talkie based on the novel of the same name by Rosoff.

In 2014, he worked for the play ‘Mr. Turner’ playing Clarkson Stanford. He worked in a movie named Mr. Turner, which is based on almost about last 25 years of life and career of a painter J.M.W Turner. The movie is written and directed by L. Mike. This movie received the best cinematography award from 87th Academy Awards and also from the British Academy film awards for the 68th year. Currently,Stanley is working with the two movies namely Euphoria and Dark River.