Birthday: 28-10-1967
Age: 51
Star sign: Scorpio

She’s one of the Hollywood’s heavyweight actresses of all time. Pulling strings from her high profile movies with small budget. Became one of the most magnetic and compelling actresses she has become. She was also considered by Men’s Health magazine to be one of the “100 Sexiest Women of All Time.”

Born as Julia Fiona Roberts on October 28th 1967 in Georgia – U.S. She was raised as a Catholic later on switched to Hinduism. She finished her elementary school in Fitzhugh Lee, studied in Griffin Middle School and transferred to Campbell High School. She attended Georgia State University and wanted to pursue veterinary. She went to New York and later on challenged herself to become and actress and trained at Click Modeling.

Her first film was “Firehouse” in 1987 but she drastically gained limelight in his 1988 movie called “Mystic Pizza.” She portrayed a young lady as fanatical youth in love. She made an iconic role as Vivian Ward in the love-drama story “Pretty Woman” where she won Best Actress from Golden Globe. She also won Best Supporting Actress in the movie “Steel Magnolias.” She played the role eloquently from a street hooker going to a modern-high-class character. A modified Cinderella story as Richard Gere a wealthy man fell in love with a hooker. She made a compelling act as she fakes her death to scape her husband in the movie “Sleeping with the Enemy.” She worked with Robin Williams and Maggie Smith in the movie “Hook” as Tinker Bell. She also teamed up with Kevin Bacon in the cult-classical film “ Flatliners.” He outstandingly worked with Denzel Washington in the 1993 movie “The Pelican Brief.” She uncovered the biggest fatal secret of American undercover as she paired with Mel Gibson in “Conspiracy Theory” where she won Favorite Actress. She started to dominate the love-drama genre when she unleashed the movie “My Best Friend’s Wedding” where she won Favorite Actress. A love story where she and best friend made a marriage pact. She made another high-profile love-comedy story “Notting Hill” in 1999 movie with Hugh Grant. She made an entertaining role in the 2001 movie “Ocean’s Eleven.” Won awards for the critically acclaimed “Erin Brokovich” where she won Best Actress from Academy, BAFTA, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild and Broadcast Film Association. A housewife that made an effort to investigate the negligence of a giant corporation intoxicating communities around the area. She also 2 movies in 2015 entitled “the Secret in their Eyes” and as Nancy Fenn in the movie “ Money Monster.” She won Favorite Movie Actress for the movie “Runaway Bride.”


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