Date of death: 30-08-1964

Shelley Waggener was born on 30th September, 1964. She was brought up on the outskirts of Branson in Missouri, United States of America. It was a small town, and the people of the town know everyone there. At the age of three, Shelley discovered her passion for acting and decided to become an actress. In school, she would act out scenes for her friends from the shows she watched. After graduating from high school, she decided to continue her career in acting. Shelley joined in the Plaza Three Academy, a performing arts school in Phoenix,AZ.

Later, Shelley moved to Los Angeles. She acted in some infomercials and many commercials. She first appeared in the movie “Leprechaun 2” in 1994. It was a comedy horror fantasy film, directed by Rodman Flender. The movie was released on April 8th, 1994. Shelley appeared as a party girl in this movie, and she did not receive any credits for it. Then she had a huge break in movies. She came back again in 2002 in the film titled “Punch-Drunk Love”. Paul Thomas Anderson wrote and directed this film. The movie received one Golden Globe nomination and won 14 awards. Shelley appeared as a co-worker, but she was uncredited for this film.

In 2004, Shelley appeared in the TV series “What Should You Do?”, as Louise/Mom in an episode. It was a crime drama. It was started in April 2003. In 2005, she appeared as a spunky blonde actor in the movie “Break a Leg”, a comedy thriller film, directed by Monika Mitchell and written by Frank and John Cassini. It released on April 21st, 2005. The movie won 4 awards. She was uncredited for this film. Then Shelley did not appear in movies for another few years. She came back again in 2010. Shelley acted as Sonya in the movie “Winter’s Bone” in 2010. It was directed by Debra Granik, and Jennifer Lawrence played the lead role. It received 4 Oscar nominations, and won 63 other awards. In 2016, Shelley appeared in the crime thriller movie “The Weight as Carli”, written by Christopher Rennier and directed by Thomas Rennier. It is in post-production now. She also appeared as a Nurse in the film “Dog Years” in the same year. It was written and directed by Adam Rifkin. It was a drama and is currently in post-production stage.