Jack Rapke is an American cinema personality who has produced television shows and films. Jack is a Jew as his family followed Judaism. Rapke spent his childhood in Miami. After his education, Rapke joined William Morris Endeavor as a talent agent. Later, he joined the Creative Artists Agency. In 2000, Jack’s first movie as a producer was “What Lies Beneath?” which was a psychological horror flick. Robert Zemeckis of Forrest Gump fame directed Jack’s debut project. It had Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer in the lead roles. With a budget of $100 million dollars, it received praises from the audience as it earned $292 million dollars at the Box-Office.

Jack teamed up with Zemeckis for the survival drama “Cast Away” which featured Tom Hanks as a FedEx worker who tries to survive on a remote island after experiencing a plane crash. “Cast Away” got several nominations at award ceremonies including the Oscars. In his third collaboration with Zemeckis, Rapke presented “The Polar Express” which was an animated musical and it had Tom Hanks as well. The Polar Express got mixed reviews. Rapke produced another animation feature Monster House in 2006.

Upon its release, Monster House got a positive reception from the viewers as well as journalists. It got an Oscar nomination for “Best Animated Film,” but the movie could not win it. In 2011, Jack co-produced Real Steel, a sports drama which had Australian actor Hugh Jackman as the protagonist. The makers used visual effects intensively to display robots in the motion picture. Real Steel grossed $300 million in its theatre run. In the same year, Jack was one of the presenters of “The Borgias,” a historical-fiction series. The show explored the Borgia family who exerts influence in the Roman Catholic society.

Although The Borgias got a decent start, it went off the air as the serial got a mixed reception. In 2012, Rapke was in the crew for Denzel Washington’s Flight. In 2015, Rapke announced that he would sign Joseph Gordon Levitt for “ The Walk.” Hollywood fraternity considers Rapke, a gentleman who responds to every phone call.

In an interview, Rapke emphasized that he had to be honest while working as an agent. Moreover, a fellow employee told him that he should not fear his clients while representing them. Jack had attended New York Film Academy where he aspired to be a cinematographer. Jack divorced Laurie Ann Perlman. Recently, Rapke is in talks with Brad Pitt for a war drama.