Birthday: 01-01-1984
Age: 35
Star sign: Aquarius

John Powers Middletown took birth on 1st January of 1984. He is a producer in U.S.A. His film career as a producer was started with 2013 movie Oldboy. It was before the production of A&E t.v. Series Bates Motel during 2013. With this, he co-produced “ The Lego Movie” in 2014. While coming to his early life, he is from “Philadelphia”. His father, “John S. Middleton”, owner and partner for “Philadelphia Phillies”. He was the student of “The Haverford School”. This he did before taking his career towards film line.

During 2010, he started his career as an intern, supervisor of a script, and as an assistant. This was before under “Vertigo Entertainment” with Roy Lee. In 2012, he did the launching of show “The Affono Aguilar”. It was a two-hour show, and was shown at “Universal Radio”. On 2013 of February, Middleton entered into a joint venture with Lee, Joe Drake, Nathan Kahane and it was for launching “Good Universe”. In June 2014, he was engaged in the formation of production company The Affleck project along with Casey Affleck. Along with his production company, he was also involved in the production along with “Vertigo Entertainment”, “Universe Radio”, “Fox 21 Television Studios”, “Good Universe” etc.

He left Fox 21 Television studios for “Warner Bros. Television”. With this partnership, he produced The Lego Movie in 2014, Bates Motel, Poltergeist, Run All Night, Spike Lee’s Old Boy. He has also remained the part of the adaption for video game “Minecraft, Stephen King’s”, “Lego Ninjago”, “Lego Sequels” and Lego Batman. Coming to his political life, he devoted his time to raise funding for donors, youth movement, media, political strategy. His first effort was towards the creation and production of “The Alfonso Aguilar Show”.

From the age of 25 to 26, he has worked as the co-chair for Young Eagle’s Program “Republican National Committees” for serving Republicans of young age. While supporting the Republican Party, he hosted many events. This included the fundraising program of “Jeb Bush” in 2015. Jeb Bush was a candidate for the nomination of Republic at the president level election in 2016. On 2016 of June, he was stood the first position for “Donald Trump’s Presidental Campaign” in 2016.