Birthday: 1952

Joshiy is an Indian film director known for his work in the Malayalam Industry.  He has directed more than 80 movies. Joshiy was married to Sindhu. They had a daughter Aishwarya who died in a car accident in 2011 in July in Chennai. The couple has a son named Abhilash, who was married to Varsha. Joshiy was born in Thiruvananthapuram district of Varkala. He started to get related with cinema through the cinema theatre that was owned by their family. In 1969, he completed his first degree and then he went to Chennai for trying his career in cinema. He began his career while working as an assistant for ‘M. Krishnan’. He made his directorial debut with the film “Tiger Salim” that got released in 1978. After that he directed the movie “Moorkhan” and later “Raktham”.

He went on to direct many movies like-“Kaahalam” released on 31st July in 1981, then “Sharam”, “Karthavyam” released in 1990 and then “Dheera” and “Aarambham” etc. In 1983, “Aa Raathri” was produced and for that ‘Mammoothy’ and he worked together, from then till next two decades. After that, a series of movies released which includes - Kodathi, and Minimol Veticanil, a release of 1984. On the behalf of script of ‘ Dennis Joseph’, he directed “ Nirakkoottu”. Joshiy joined hands with Mammoothy for the movie “ New Delhi” in 1987. In the year 1988, Joshiy directed three films, whose script was written by Dennis Joseph and Mammootty was the lead actor. In 1989, Joshiy worked with ‘ Mohanlal’ for the movie “Naduvazhikal”. In the same year, he opted for one another movie “ Nair Saab”, which is a military related film. The shooting of this film was done in Kashmir in which “Mammootty” was the lead role. His third film in this year was “Mahayanam” and it won award for the best actor.

In the year 1990, he directed three movies-Ee Thanutha Veluppan Kalathu, which was written by ‘ Padmarajan’, Kuttettan, a production by ‘K.V. Abraham’ and No. 20 Madras Mail produced by Tharangini films. Then he did his next movie in 1992 named “Kauravar” written by ' A K Lohithadas'. Then in 1992 he tried his luck in Tamil cinemas and in 1993, he did the movie Airport. Then in 1994, he did two movies “Dhruvam”, a production by ‘M. Mani’ and Sainyam which was edited by ‘K. Sankunny’. In 1994, he opted for debut in Telugu cinema with the movie “Angarakshugudu”, in which ‘ Rajasekhar’ played the lead role. Then in 1999, Joshi did two movies- Lelam, a production of seven arts Films and Pathram, a production by ‘K. Gangaduth’ along with journalist “Renji”. In 2001, he did two movies Praja which was written by ‘Renji’ and Dubai a production by ‘ Preethi’. Both the movies were big flops.

After this in 2001, he took break from movies and in 2004 he came along with directing the movie Runway, starred by ‘ Dileep’ after movie Mampazhakkalam”. Then in 2005 he worked for the movie “ Naran” and in 2006 he did movie “ Lion”. Some of his other movies include Pothan Vava in 2006, a production by ‘ Lal’, July 4 in 2007, which was written by ‘ Benny P Nayarambalam’. In 2007, he did movies- Nasrani and Janmam. He directed Twenty: 20 and Robinhood in 2008 and 2009 respectively. His release of 2011 includes Christian Brothers, a production by ‘A.V. Anoop’. “ Run Baby Run” was his directed movie in 2012, then Lokpal during 2013 and Salaam Kashmier in 2014.