Gurusekara was one of those assistant directors who worked with Bharathiraja on the likes of K Bhagyaraj, Manivannan, and Manobala from Bharathiraja’s school. Many of them, later, became successful and made their mark as a director in Kollywood. Gurusekara made his debut with ‘ Valayal’ which was completed ahead of time. Gurusekara had an aspiration to become a director in Tamil cinema, and he made a regular visit to many studios that time in Chennai. His close connection with Bharathiraja made him today where he is. In those days, when Bharathiraja became a popular director, many people came closer to him as a helper, no criteria were required but one those people were known to Bharathiraja personally or someone referred them to the ace-director.

This is how those people those who knew basics how the film is being made became assistant directors to him. Assistant directors are nothing but a co-worker in the unit. They were just there to do whatever the whole unit had asked them to do. One could say the assistant directors were just like a helper. No criteria required but they needed to know them personally or someone from the industry of friend circle should have referred them whom the film director had known personally. His first film ‘Valyal was a romantic entertainer about a jobless guy and a speechless woman.

The role in the movie is played by Sakthee Sivan who meets heroine Bhavya Sri and fall in love, but later, chooses not to disclose that she is a mute. What hardship Sakthee Sivan faces in life is the theme of the movie. Like his mentor Bharathiraja, Gurusekara too had chosen village concepts and characters that went well with the public. In those days, wages for assistant directors was very less and people who aspired to become a director had done the same for love of an art. And that is why we could find an offshoot of healthy directors like Gurusekara, Manobala, Bhagyaraj making some meaningful movies in Kollywood.

The story of 'Valyal' was set in Chennai and there were three songs in the movie. Gurusekara did not copy the method of introducing many songs like Bhagyaraj or Bharathiraja but chose to place only a few songs which were composed by Murali Subramani. In this movie, Manor K Bharathi, Chaplin Balu, Nippul and others played the role of supporting actors.


Seenu Ramasamy
Gr Aathityaa
Susheendar Samuel
A Jagadesh
K Nataraj