Pa. Ranjith

Other names of Pa. Ranjith: P A Ranjith, Pa. Ranjith
Birthday: 1980

Pa. Ranjith is a Film Director of Indian origin who has directed many Tamil movies. He was born and brought up in Karalapakkam, a village near Tiruninravur, Chennai. He completed his graduation from the Madras School of Fine Arts, Chennai. In the college, he practiced Direction and Acting. He also did a lot of traveling and during this voyages, he used to get creative ideas for his movies. He also joined the film chamber and drew inspirations from different famous personalities. He also attended yearly Film Festivals.

Initially, he joined cinema as an Assistant Director and his first project was Shiva Shanmugam's production “Thagapansamy”, which was released in the year 2006. He described the movie as the unmemorable stint of his life. He then moved onto assist two well-known directors ' N Lingusamy' (famous Indian Film Director) and ' Venkat Prabhu'. Venkat had been doing a project, a Malaysian album since a long time.

Ranjith helped Venkat prepare the storyboard for this album. Through this work, Venkat started gaining trust on Ranjith and asked him to work on more important projects. He associated him in the direction of the movie “Chennai 600028” in the year 2007.

Mani introduced newcomer Ranjith in the year 2011 to ‘C V Kumar’, who was a producer. He requested C.V. Kumar to give Ranjith a new film. Kumar agreed and gave Ranjith “ Attakathi”. It was a high budget movie of around 1.75 crores, and its shoot was completed in fifty days.

Till then, it was an average venture, but it touched skies when Studio Green, a renowned Production House, decided to buy the movie’s distribution rights. The film aimed youth and gave romance a new definition. The entire credit for the success of the picture was given to Ranjith as he took a sober storyline to a warm and hilarious film.

Back to back, Ranjith started getting many films, mostly produced by Studio Green. He worked on the project Sarpatta Paramparai with actor ‘ Karthik Sivakumar’ in the title role. He made it a success and then worked on his next film, “Madras” which threw light upon the social and political issues. In 2014, he directed ' Suriya Sivakumar' and in 2016 he made “ Kabali” starring Superstar ' Rajinikanth', which is yet to be released. This way we hope he continues doing great projects.


Another version of the bio...

Born in a village named Karalapakkam, near Tiruninravur, in Chennai, Pa. Ranjith aroused as an Indian film director, who specialized in Tamil movies. Ranjith completed his film course from the Government College of Fine Arts, in Chennai. He treasures his college days as he believes that it has served him inspirationally to gather movie making ideas.

In those days, to inculcate more in himself he attended several film festivals and movie sets. In his career, “The Battle of Algiers” and “City of God”, these two films motivated him a lot, gave him another meaning of cinema, and made him believe that there can be cinemas which can have a huge impact on the audience.

Ranjith did not enter the world of cinema at once. Instead, he worked as an Assistant Director in a Shiva Shanmugam film titled Thagapansamy, which had released in 2006, to gain experience and knowledge of this world. Next, he worked under ‘Venkat Prabhu’, for the making of his Malaysia-based album. There, initially he was allotted to prepare the storyboard. Later, as he won the trust and loyalty of Prabhu, he was appointed for working in his close company, while Prabhu’s Film “Chennai 60028” was being made, which got unveiled in 2007.

In 2011, Mani, Ranjith’s friend introduced him as a debutant director to ‘C V Kumar’, who is a producer and requested him to provide Ranjith with a chance where he could direct a film. Finally, Ranjith was given an opportunity, which he used fruitfully. He delivered a film titled Attakathi, within a time-span of 50 days within the sanctioned budget of about 1.75 crores. The film received even a bigger platform when Studio Green agreed for its distributorship.

The film got unveiled in August 2012 and received applause from its audience for having a very simple storyline which had been presented in such an excellent way by Ranjith. The film also brought Ranjith into the limelight, and he received recognition and popularity. After the success of Attakathi, Studio Green hired Ranjith to direct films for their production house, and they planned to work on the script of Sarpatta Parambarai, which would cast ‘Karthik Sivakumar’ (Karthi) as the lead.

Due to the unavoidable delay of the film, “Madras”, a new script got directed before Sarpatta Parambarai. Ranjith wanted to depict the situation of the youth in Northern Chennai, and so he went on a spree to his region to study the local body language, dialect, trend, behavior, and their daily life, to create his characters in the film. In his film, the star cast included Karthi, ‘ Catherine Tresa’, and ‘ Kalaiyarasan Harikrishnan’.

The storyline of Madras covers the political riot and its effect on the residents. The film received great reviews, which not only appreciated the actors but also the technical design of the film, of how every minor element has been taken care of, in its direction.

After the huge positive response of Madras, actor Suriya entertained him to cast him in his film. He had also been in a project starring Rajnikanth, in a film named Kabali, which is planned to get released in 2016. Ranjith has also received a Tamil Filmfare Award nomination under the category of the Best Director.




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