Typist Gopu

Other names of Typist Gopu: Gopalarathinam
Birthday: 1934

Typist Gopu, born as Gopalarathinam in 1934, is a famous Tamil TV serial actor of Trichy native. He is widely known for his comic and second-fiddle roles and has acted in over 600 dramas and more than 400 films. He is an alumnus of Vivekananda College from where he finished his B.Com. At Vivekananda College, he was active in the dramatics club and got introduced to acting. He was a good friend of veteran actor Nagesh’s friend who introduced him to drama through his drama troupe in the year 1955. His nickname Typist Gopu is a tribute to his role of a typist in a 1959 play titled ‘Nenje Nee Vaazhga’. 

He entered into the film industry in the year 1965. His first film was ‘ Naanal’ which was directed by the legendary K. Balachander. His notable performances have come in movies of the 70’s and 80’s, namely ‘Adhey Kangal’ the thriller, ‘Oor Mariyadhai’ the drama among many others. He has played many a light-hearted role on the small screen especially in Veettukku Veedu Looty on Jaya TV in the early 2000’s. His last film was K. Bhagayaraj’s ‘ Rudra’ after which he says he was not called to do roles in movies, yet he seems contented.

His versatility has even taken him to play a woman nurse in T.S. Seshadri’s play ‘Nenjukku Needhi’ and he also essayed the same role when the play was made into a Malayalam movie ‘Dhaagam’ that had Sathyan in the lead role. He was married to Rajalakshmi when he was 23. His love always lay in theater, and he says he will never stop acting and will do so until he can. He is currently doing plays with Y Gee Mahendra’s United Amateur Artistes for whom he has great respect. He is also living his childhood dream of traveling to the US, UK and flying around the world doing what he loves.

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