Sharanya Gopinath is a Tamilian vocalist. Sharanya Gopinath is a playback singer by profession. She is a musician who knows jazz, blues, pop, rock and funk music. Sharanya Gopinath was born on 19th December.She is originally from Kozhikode, Kerala, India. She has done her early education from CSI Bain School in Chennai, India. She has done her further education from National Institute of Fashion Technology. She was a Fashion Journalist at Myntra.

She was Senior Manager in Artists and Marketing Department at Amaranta Entertainment in Chennai, India. She also has the experience of working as a music and theater creativity trainer for children as well as actresses and voice over artists. Sharanya sings songs mainly in the Tamil language. She has given her beautiful voice to many songs for different movies in the Tamil Language.

Sharanya had debuted in the music industry with the hit song ‘Lovea Lovea’ opposite Kamal Haasan for the movie ‘Uttama.’Some of her other songs are ‘Naa Rumba Busy’ from ‘Vasuvum Saravananum OnnaPadichavanga’ movie in the year 2015, ‘Pori Masala Pori’ from ‘ Jil’ movie inthe year 2015, ‘Yemaiyindhi Vela’ song from the same movie ‘Jil’, ‘Love Aa Love’ song of the ‘ Uttama Villain’ which is also a 2015 film, ‘Texas Pogiraen’ song of ‘ Chennai 2 Singapore’ movie (2016), ‘Nennekkadunte’ song inthe year 2015, ‘Lavve Lavvaa’ song of ‘Uttama Villain’ of 2015, ‘Telugu Thanama’ song of ‘ Paayum Puli’ movie of 2015, song ‘Munnal Kadhali’ of ‘ Miruthan’ movie, ‘Emaindi Vela’ song of ‘Jil’ movie of 2015, ‘Eyes on You’ song of ‘ Valiyavan’ movie of 2015, ‘Take it Easy Foxy’ song of ‘ Graghanam’ movie, ‘ Bang Bang’ song of ‘ Meow’ movie of 2016, ‘Oru Nodiyiley’ song of ‘ Kalavu Thozhirchalai’ movie of 2014, ‘Gun Inbam’ song of ‘Chennai 2 Singapore’ movie of 2016, ‘ Aasai’ song from ‘ Maragatha Naanayam’ of 2017, ‘Shoobi Doobi Dooba’ song of ‘ Brindhaavanam’ of 2017, ‘Bodhai Poo’ song of ‘Mayavan’ of 2016, ‘Vaazhvey Oru Poro’ song of ‘ Maanagaram’ of 2016, song ‘Its a Story’ of ‘Maanagaram’ movie of 2016, ‘International Super Star’ song inthe year 2015. Sharanya has won many awards including Best Singer at Saarang, IIT Madras in 2013 as well as in 2014, OPUS Kroaking in 2014, and IIM Bangalore Unmaad in 2014 and so on at National Level.She has done many projects like Chrome O. Soul which won the Nokia India Fest in 2014, Saarang Decibels in 2014, and IIM BSCOR in 2014 and IJM’s Jam for Justice in 2013 and so on.

She has fascinated the audience with her rich voice at Alliance Franchise (Pondicherry) for World Music Day in 2014, Hard Rock Café at Phoenix Market City and The Music Fest at The Museum Theatre, Chennai. Since 2000, she has done many musical theaters like, at Madras Musical Association and Madras Players.


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