Birthday: 19-11-1931
Age: 87
Star sign: Sagittarius

Perumal Rasu was born on 19th November, 1931 in Tamil Nadu. He is a very famous painter, writer, poet, spiritual master and martial arts artist. Perumal Rasu’s wife’s name is Mahalakshm. He has a lot of followers and all his followers respect him a lot. He is the very popular saint of Krishnagiri. He worships Yogi Ramsuratkumar.

People also know him as Visiri Samiyar. Perumal is a very popular poet and his writings are very thought provoking and powerful. Everyone loves his writings a lot. He is a versatile person as he is knows a lot of things and practice them as well. He has written many books and poetry, some of his notable works are Pranava Pravagam; this is a book written by him in Tamil and the people likes his writings very much. He also wrote Prapanja Kavidhaigal which has also got very powerful positive energy and a lot of good things to learn. People liked his books very much and learn a lot from them as he has a lot of knowledge and he likes to share it with his followers. He has also written Aanandha Paravasam which is also a brilliant creation of him. His books have a depth in them. He is the writer of Gnana Thoorai which is also one of his notable works.

All of his books are written in the language Tamil. He has written Vidiyalai Thaedi which is one of his outstanding book and the audience like it very much. He has also written Koodal Sangamam which is also a notable creation and it has plenty of things to learn and understand. He is the writer of Unnai Thaedu which is also in the language Tamil and is very amazing and has a lot of different things that everyone should be aware of. He also wrote Idho Oru Idhigaasam which is an outstanding book and the audience liked this book a lot.

One of his series named Maathiyosi was On-Air weekly on a regional channel and people used to watch it regularly and they liked the series very much. Later, his series Maathiyosi was published as a book and earned immense success.