Anjali Varathan also pronounced as Anjali Varadhan is a Tamil transgender actress. She debuted in a film name “ Aruvi,” co-starring Aditi Balan. In 2017, she got fame after playing a very strong supporting role of a transgender AIDS patient in the film Aruvi. She received an awesome response from every corner for her heart touching performance as Aruvi’s friend in the movie. As she was a newcomer in the industry debuting from film Aruvi left an impression by her marvelous performance. The movie showcased at many International Film Festivals. It is very difficult for a transgender to find their place in the society because of some people’s thinking and their perspective, transgender’s find it difficult to cope up with the society for better living.

Anjali has took the bold step to make her place in the society, to be known in the society from her work. She is a great actor and, a very brave heart. Anjali knows what she wants from her life and, she knows how to get it. By signing for the film, she already had crossed half of her journey towards success. Anjali got her existence awardable in the film. Her acting in a serious role got tears in the eyes of the audience. She acted as a supporting role in the movie, stole the heart of the audience. Cutting away all the stereotypes, Anjali has made her way to the success in the entertainment industry. She got recognized as one of the fine actresses in supporting role in the movie “Aruvi.” In 2018, Anjali won “Best Supporting Actress” at Norway Tamil Film Festival.

She was even nominated by Filmfare Awards south in Best Supporting Actress category. Anjali did not expect that she would be nominated for the Best Supporting Actress category. Her innocence and screen presence stole the heart of the audience. Though not an experienced or natural actor, she left a mark in the film. Anjali said she did not face any discrimination on the sets. Everyone on the set gave her equal importance and respect as the main character of the movie. In the majority of Indian films, transgender is portrayed as in comic roles or shown in bad lights but, that was not the case in Aruvi. Anjali played a series and substantial role in the film. It’s one of the most protruding roles played by a transgender in Indian cinema till now.