Birthday: 02-01-1982
Age: 37
Star sign: Aquarius

Gopika Poornima is a versatile singer who sings in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada films. She was born on 2nd January, at Vizianagaram located in Andhra Pradesh, India. She spent her childhood in Hyderabad, where she learned classical music. Her father was a Government employee working for the Central Government. Gopika started her musical career through a singing reality TV show called ‘Padutha Theeyaga’, which aired on ETV. The show was her big break into the music industry.

It was in Padutha Teeyaga that she met her husband, ‘ Mallikarjun’. Once she wrapped up the show, her father willingly retired and moved her to Chennai so that she could hone her singing skills and get a proper break into the film fraternity. In Chennai, she once again ran into Mallikarjun who had moved there with the same objective in mind. She started performing at stage shows with him and eventually, they fell in love with each other. They married at Simhachalam on February 10, 2008.

They had a quiet and traditional wedding, which had been attended by famous people like SP Sailaja, Chandra Mohan, and ‘Bhuvanachandra’. Thanks to the show, Gopika was able to get a part as a background singer in 1997 for the film ‘Singanna’. Vandemataram Srinivas was the composer of the music, and he had even invited Mallikarjun to perform the song with Gopika. ‘S P Balasubrahmanyam; was also present at the studio where Gopika and Mallikarjun recorded their songs. The husband and the wife have had the rare opportunity to go to exotic places like Australia, USA, and New Zealand.

They have even had the chance to travel to foreign countries with ‘SP Balasubrahmanyam’. She is an avid user of Facebook and uses it extensively to get in touch with her fans and those who adore her. Gopika is well-connected with the industry through her own work and also her husband’s connections. She has been considered to be the brand ambassador of South Indian music since she and her husband have brought it to a world stage by performing in different countries for their fans. What makes her even more appealing to her followers is the fact that she is very humble, down to earth and simple.

She does not believe in behaving like a diva and acts like a regular human being. She is a very supportive wife and is very devoted to her husband. Gopika also enjoys being a doting mother to her young daughter, Samhita. The couple was awarded the prestigious Veturi Memorial Award for playback singing by the Atreya Smaraka Kala Peetham. They had been presented the award at the Sangeeta Vibhavari on January 31, 2016.


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