Mumbai 125 KM Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Mumbai 125 KM"
Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 17-10-2014
Genre: Horror
1.5 / 5.0


Some friends are going back from a party on the new year's eve when they land into supernatural trouble and have to face some very horrifying events.

What you may like:

It comes slightly close to being a horror film. The plot is quite good but the execution is not up to the mark. 

What you may dislike:

● The movie is excessively foolish. There is absolutely no clue why the directors thought of making such a film with a storyline that is missing, and the kind of plot that has been put into execution is as good as nothing. There could have been a much better movie made out of a script like this but the execution seems to be taken too much for granted.
● It seems that the director didn't think it important enough to take into consideration any skill that could make sense. There is no amount of directorial effort seen in this movie because it just seems to lose its control from the very starting.
● There was absolutely nothing novel or interesting about this movie. The predictability level for this movie was excessively high, and you wouldn't even want to guess what will be the next scene because you couldn't care less for a movie that wasn't even cared for while making it.
● The so-called background score for this movie was equally annoying and senseless. It will just disturb your guts, and that's that. There couldn't be anything worse than the kind of noises that were used in the movie.
● This movie can be considered a very prevalent example of the kind of state that our Indian Cinema has reached as far the horror genre is concerned. It's predicament is quite prominently visible after this horribly made movie.
● If anything that Veena Malik in this movie does is to expose her skin. There is absolutely no amount of acting scene, but a lot of skin show can definitely be expected. It is one sleazy and foolish horror film.


Strong recommendations would be to definitely give this movie a skip.