Thiraikku Varaadha Kadhai Movie Review

Thiraikku Varaadha Kadhai Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Thiraikku Varaadha Kadhai"
Runtime: 2 Hours 19 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 28-10-2016
Genre: Horror
2.5 / 5.0



Thiraikku Varadha Kadhai has been talked about a lot even before its release due to the lesbian angle. Now let’s see how this film, directed by Malayalam director Thulasedaas turns out to be and whether it really deals with the talked about angle.


A gang of girls go to film a short film in Yercaud for their college assignment. The girl who is supposed to act in the short film meets with an accident. So the team asks another girl to act in her role.

They complete the shooting and return to their college. To their utter shock it comes to their attention that a girl who acted in the place of the injured girl had actually passed away some time back. Nadhiya essays the role of a cop in the movie. Watch the movie Thiraikku Varatha Kadhai to know how it unfolds.

Star Performances

Nadiya, who generally selects good scripts, has done a good job and so is Ineya.


The flick is a bilingual that is filmed in both Malayalam and Tamil. Comedy, which has become essential for horror films, is very loud in this movie. However, there is no vulgarity in the movie.

What’s there?

  • The movie has an all women cast and that is the major highlight.
  • The cinematography is one of the assets of the movie.

What’s not there?

  • The movie gives you a feeling of watching those films made around 2 decades back.
  • The VFX is messy.
  • Music of Thiraikku Varatha Kadhai is not appealing.


The team should be appreciated for making a film without any male cast.